Minting an NFC

Time for you to create your first NFC

Creating a Bundle

We prioritize the privacy of addresses, and thus have a secure solution to keeping your wallets private while still storing your score on-chain.
As a user creating a private bundle all you need to do to start the bundle creation is to connect your wallet to the Spectral dApp using your preferred provider.
Right after you connect, the dApp will prompt you to sign a nonce to prove ownership of the address
This process has no fee costs and as soon as it is verified your address is connected and a bundle automatically created. The newly connected address becomes the current Master Wallet of your bundle.

Add a new address to the bundle

To add a new address, you can simply click the plus button in your bundle or your address on the top right corner and select another provider. If you are using the same provider as the previous address there is no need to do this, you can just go to your wallet and switch the connected address.
By clicking 'Switch to this account' you are prompted to sign a new nonce. At the end of this process your newly connected address becomes signed and secondary based on your Master Wallet.

Set a new Master Wallet

If you want to make an address the new Master Wallet you can click the button Set as Master

Minting your NFC

Once you are done adding addresses to your bundle you can click 'Create NFC'. This process will initiate a transaction that will mint your NFC that contains the information to prove ownership of your bundle.
Your bundle cannot have new addresses added or old addresses removed once it is minted! This is to prevent manipulation and volatility of credit scores for on-chain protocols.
In order to mint the NFC you need to be connected (on metamask) to the wallet that is selected as Master Wallet