What is a Non-Fungible Credit?

Your guide to credit scores in the new age

Your Transactional History

In the past, you had to go through many different intermediaries to "unlock" your data and receive your credit score. From various banks to reporting agencies, such as Equifax, your score passes through many hands and the loan/credit you get has fairly opaque terms. Spectral wants to give you back ownership of your credit, and starts with the Non-Fungible Credit (NFC) - an ERC721 representing your on-chain transactional history.
Every transaction you make with your Ethereum wallet is stored on-chain. Whether that's borrowing, payments, providing liquidity, buying NFTs - you name it. The good and the bad are all there too, such as your health factor, leverage, and liquidations. It should be simple to come up with a score right? It definitely would be if we stored just the MACRO score of one wallet on each NFC. But we wanted to give you more freedom than that - the freedom to build your own credit through bundles.


Let's say you have your portfolio split across five or more wallets. This is a fairly common strategy for diversifying your security risk - but leads to fragmented transaction history as well. Spectral gives you the option to bundle any number of wallets and represent the aggregate transactions across those wallets in a single MACRO score on an NFC. It's up to you to choose which wallets you want to be part of your score. We'll let you re-calculate your score as many times as you want, but after the NFC is minted then your bundle is permanent.
We prioritize the privacy of addresses and thus have a secure solution to keep your wallets private while still providing your score on-chain. Now obviously, you can't just go around adding wallets you don't own, and we'll cover the process of creating a bundle then minting an NFC in the next section.