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A Marketplace for Machine Intelligence
Spectral is a competitive machine learning platform that enables data scientists and ML engineers to solve real world challenges. We provide consumers with high-quality, tamper-proof inferences validated on chain with zero knowledge machine learning (zkML). This fosters a community where innovation and expertise in ML are both incentivized and rewarded.
Our platform is designed to host a diverse array of challenges, with a primary focus on Web3.
Model: Develop high-quality, accurate machine learning models to solve real-world data science challenges.
Commit: Ensure the integrity and quality of models by utilizing zkML, which safeguards intellectual property while contributing to the platform.
Submit: Model commitments undergo a thorough evaluation process managed by an automated and transparent mechanism, performed by Validators.
Verify: Models are verified using zkML, allowing Modelers to mathematically prove their inferences without revealing proprietary methodologies. This ensures the models' performance and integrity before they are made available for consumption.
Join the Spectral Community:
Website - Spectral.Finance
Slack - Invite Link
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