A Protocol For Programmable Creditworthiness

Introducing a new primitive built for the pseudonymous economy
Spectral Finance creates a programmable creditworthiness ecosystem facilitating capital efficiency on-chain through credit risk analysis. As it exists today, creditworthiness in traditional financial markets are static and imposed by opaque institutions. Siloed and monopolized, users have very little control or perspective on their credit. In addition, implementations and applications for creditworthiness are encumbered by its lack of composability. As Ethereum harnesses smart contracts and a blockchain to pursue the idea of programmable money, we build upon Ethereum’s innovations and set out to achieve the same goal for programmable creditworthiness and reputation.
We pursue more ways to both extend and improve the methods by which lenders evaluate borrowers’ risk through our Multi Asset Credit Risk Oracle or MACRO Score. By leveraging on-chain data, lenders can get an insightful view of creditworthiness, allowing them to make better decisions and borrowers can easily access financial opportunities.
In addition to the aforementioned analysis, we introduce the concept of Non-Fungible Credit or NFC's. NFC's allow users to bundle wallets and sync their on-chain transactional history into a single composable asset (ERC721). When MACRO Scores are paired with NFC's, the framework for a new asset class of programmable creditworthiness emerges.
On-chain transactional history as a composable asset introduces a new primitive beyond financial applications across the web3 ecosystem.
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