[Step 7] Phase 2: Final Submission

Please refer to our Starter Kit to see how the final submission works!

Fetch Test Set

To fetch the testing dataset (customized per Modeler) for the challenge:

spectral-cli fetch-testing-data <CHALLENGE_ID>

Challenge 1

  • The test set only contains a list of wallet addresses, not their features.

  • To receive Spectral's features provided for the test set, you can leverage Spectral Python SDK (see Starter Kit's Jupyter notebook) to receive a dictionary of feature values corresponding to each row (wallet address) in the test set.

Final Submission

Make predictions on your test set and output submission.parquet in the required format to submit it via Spectral CLI.

spectral-cli submit-inferences <CHALLENGE_ID> <PATH_TO_SUBMISSION_FILE>


Please check back as the forward testing window goes by. If you are a top-performing Modeler by the end of the forward testing window, you will be eligible to join as a top N Modeler and receive rewards for your hard work!

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