[Step 5] Configure Spectral CLI

After model training, you need to configure your Spectral CLI in order to successfully submit.

Configuration Requirements

To configure your Spectral CLI, you need the following:

  1. Spectral API Key

  2. Alchemy API Key

1. Obtain Spectral API Key

To get your Spectral API Key, go to Spectral App's Profile page, and copy your Spectral API Key:

2. Obtain Alchemy API Key

A. To get your Alchemy API Key, please visit Alchemy, and create an account there.

B. Then go to the Apps section, and create a new application for the Arbitrum Network:

C. Go to the newly created application, click API key, and copy your Alchemy API Key.

Configure Spectral CLI

Combining above, configure your Spectral CLI by running:

spectral-cli configure

Sample output

Input your Spectral API key.
To get your Spectral API key, please visit https://app.spectral.finance/profile

Input your Alchemy API key.
To get your Alchemy API key, please visit https://www.alchemy.com/

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