Spectral Accounts

There are 3 types of wallets on Spectral.

1. Spectral account (also referred to as Privy wallet)

The main account on Spectral App is powered by Privy and is the one used to sign in after registration.

2. Spectral CLI wallet

On your device, you can configure Spectral CLI (Step 5 of Modeler Handbook) to generate a Spectral CLI wallet that can be linked to your Privy wallet on Spectral App's Profile page. We allow additional Spectral CLI wallet per additional device (all of which can be linked together on Spectral App). The reason for Spectral CLI wallet's existence and necessity is that you can code and flexibly interact with Spectral (e.g. make submissions) from your device as a Modeler without having to interact with Spectral App via web.

3. Multisig wallet

Once your Privy wallet and Spectral CLI wallet(s) are linked (which you must do through Spectral App), a multisig wallet is generated to represent all of your wallets (Privy and Spectral CLI). From a web3 perspective, this multisig wallet is the one that participates in Spectral's challenges and network.

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